Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
Sage's Kits, Nine Weeks Old

Monday, September 22, 2014

Stockton Show Report

My mom, Becky, Lydia, and I left at 7AM the day of the show with Muddy Buddy, Honey, Duchess, Stanley, Bubbles, Maple, and a friend’s rabbit.  We couldn’t have them in the bed of the truck.  It would be too windy and it would stress them.  So we put them in the cab with us.  We arrived at 8AM and looked for the other angora breeders.  We were right in the middle of all the angora commotion—blowers, grooming tables, yarns and hats and mittens for sale, and some beautiful angoras. 

Judging for Show B

There were over 70 angora rabbits there, six entered in the youth class.  We entered five.  None of ours had any disqualifications, and we asked one of the judges about Bubbles.  He said she would not be DQ’d for color, her color was just fine.  Unfortunately, we did not ask about Stanley, who is a little different on the back, but otherwise identical to Bubbles.  Muddy Buddy won best of breed in show A, and Honey took best opposite.  In show B Honey took best of breed, and Muddy Buddy took best opposite.  Unfortunately, Muddy Buddy could not compete in best of show for show A, because the judging for show B was going on at the exact same time!   

Honey, Best of Breed in Show B, and Becky

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