Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


There are good and bad combs for angora rabbits.  

Most people recommend a slicker comb and a wide tooth comb with stainless steel teeth.

The slicker comb not only removes any loose hair, but it also fluffs up the coat, making it more airy.  It is great for shows, but not for removing mats.  

Slicker comb
We bought  this poodle comb from Betty Chu for a very reasonable $5.00 at the West Coast Classic Show in May 2014.  This wide tooth comb is used on the sides, chest, and around the tail for any mats.  It is also very nice for fluffing up your rabbits at shows.

Poodle comb
Previously, we had been using a dread comb given to us by a nice breeder.  This comb will remove ALL the hair, whether or not it is ready.  We do not recommend it for general use.  However, if for some reason you need to remove all the wool from your rabbit, like due to heat or wool block, this would be the comb to use. 

Dread comb

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