Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
Sage's Kits, Nine Weeks Old

Why Choose a Black Diamond Rabbitry French Angora?

We are active 4-H'ers striving to learn all we can to breed and raise the best possible French angoras.  We learn from our 4-H shows and meetings more about rabbit health.  We learn from ARBA shows more about the French angora breed.  We strive to apply our learning to everything we do with our rabbits here.

We evaluate each rabbit for body type and fitness for show or wool production.   We also have well-experienced 4-H and angora breeders evaluate them so that we have confidence and you have confidence that this is a show quality bunny--if that is what you are looking for.

We evaluate color genetics, which is important if you plan to breed. 

We will tell you exactly what we think about each rabbit, pros and cons, so that you can select the best bunny for your purposes.

You can buy the pick of the litter from us, even if you live in our area.  We've seen breeders who won't sell their very best locally because they don't want the competition.  We do want competition.  We want to see the breed improved so that French angoras are winning best in show every time.  We want Black Diamond rabbits to be winners on the show table every time--whether we own them, or whether we have sold them.  It helps all of us improve.

Now of course there are times when we will be keeping the very best doe or buck.  We will have to retire our breeders periodically.  And we have to make sure we are using the very best stock possible.  Lydia and Charlotte will each be keeping one doe from their upcoming litters.

We are available to our buyers by email or phone to answer any questions.

We want all bunnies we raise here and sold as show quality to be successful on the show table.  If a rabbit is not show quality, it will not be sold as such.  French angoras are primarily raised for their wool.  Though a rabbit is show quality, that doesn't mean it will win on the show table.  Only one rabbit can be best of breed in each show.  Some days there are twenty five rabbits on the table.  Some days there is only one.  We are still learning, and there are some nuances in color and body type aspects I'm sure we still need to learn.  Like currently we have two broken kits that may be too heavily or lightly colored to be show quality.  But we've only "heard" that from another breeder and we didn't experience it ourselves.  Those kits will go to show and we will see what the judges there say.  [And as we found at Placerville, none of the four judges had any problems with the coloring on any of them.]  Judges are very peculiar people.  We've seen that repeatedly.

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