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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How Rabbits Travel

For traveling and shows, it’s best to have smaller cages for a few reasons.  First, you don’t need a big cage taking up space in your car.  That space is usually needed by a person or another rabbit.  Big cages are just a hassle.  And they are a hassle to carry.  Second, everyone needs more room at shows.  It is almost always crowded.  You want the cage to be as small as possible without making the rabbit uncomfortable.  You want to have a show cage for a cleaner rabbit when going to shows.  Whatever you do, do not use a dog/cat carrier.  If you have to, you can use a regular pet store cage, but you'll have to clean your rabbit up at the show.
Perfect cage for shows

Pet store cage.  Better than a dog carrier, but not desirable.

Dog/cat carrier.  Do not use for rabbit shows.
Rabbit cages should not be able to slide around.   French angoras especially need to be cool while traveling, without any sun on them.  Sun will just make them hotter and more stressed.  We also ran the AC the whole time traveling back from the Stockton show, and the rest of us got cold.  Next time, we will all wear long sleeves.  If traveling in a truck, do not want to put your rabbits in the bed unprotected from wind and sun. 

I like to buy disposable plastic tablecloths to cover the seats and protect them from messes. Do not hook up a water bottle while traveling, but always bring one.  Rabbits will not eat or drink while traveling, and water will just leak.  Put a towel over the cage to protect your rabbit from sun and from seeing rapid movements outside the vehicle, especially headlights.  Also, rabbits generally do not like being held while traveling.  It’s just bad news. 

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