Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
Sage's Kits, Nine Weeks Old

Sales Policy

"Show quality" rabbits are just that--they are free from disqualifications and should do well on the show table.  They will be sold with a pedigree.  This does not mean that they will win.  Winning best of variety, best of breed, or best opposite in any show will depend on the competition that day.  And a lot will depend on the judge.

"Wool quality" rabbits are those that either have some disqualification or have a poor body type.  They can still be shown in 4-H and ARBA shows, but you shouldn't expect them to do well.  In the past we sold them without a pedigree.  However, we have modified our position somewhat.  Rabbits that have any kind of genetic deformity will still only be sold as wool bunnies and without a pedigree.  We don't want undesirable genes multiplying in the gene pool.  To date, there have been only two rabbits kindled here with genetic problems.  One had a split penis (makes a buck look like a doe), and one has splay leg (front legs go to the side, kind of like a seal).  

On the other hand, there are a significant number of French angoras that are faulted or disqualified due to color--being the wrong color entirely, having toenails the wrong color, having too much or too little color, etc.  But we raise angoras more for spinning than for show, and it happens in rabbits that some of the best coats and best bodies have faults in color only.  It seems a pity to "waste" these desirable genes.  Sometimes it happens that a spinner falls in love the her rabbit, wants more rabbits, and wants to start breeding and possibly showing.  So we will include pedigrees with these "wool-quality" rabbits.  Just bear in mind that with these rabbits, there are going to be a higher number of unshowable colors in your litters. 

We breed and raise French angoras because we really enjoy them.  We want them to go to homes where they are really wanted and appreciated.  Because of this, we are not going to pressure anyone.  Quite the opposite.  There are times when two or more people are simultaneously inquiring about the same rabbit.  I will not tell anyone, "There is someone else interested too, so if you want this rabbit, place a deposit."  I try to update the blog immediately when the sales status of a rabbit changes.  What you see listed for sale is really for sale.  (UPDATE:  I wrote our sales policy over a year ago.  The part about two or more people inquiring simultaneously about the same rabbit still holds true.  We may hear nothing from anyone for over a month, and then BAM!, three people email within a few hours about one bunny.  Bizarre.  We aren't going to tell anyone that someone else is inquiring, we aren't going to pressure, but I swear, we are not making this up.)

If a sales price is listed without any other info, that rabbit is FOR SALE.  A $25 deposit will hold your rabbit for you.  We will not hold a rabbit for you without a deposit.  It is not fair to us, nor to our other customers who are ready and willing to place a deposit.  Over the past month I have responded to emails from a potential buyer 800 miles away.  She was almost begging us to hold to rabbits for her, because she was absolutely going to be here next week and wanted to buy them.  But she didn't want to place a deposit.  I told her we had to have a deposit to hold, and that one of the rabbits she was interested in would be the most likely to sell--it was a broken buck that had just earned a leg, and brokens just sell really quickly.  That was three weeks ago.  And it did sell.  Yesterday I got an email from her stating that she still wanted a rabbit or two.  And could we please meet her in Las Vegas? (That's about an eight-hour drive.)  No.  Had we held any rabbits for her, the girls would have missed out on sales to others who actually do want a specific rabbit.

RESERVED will be written if a deposit is pending.  We will allow 14 days for the deposit to arrive.  Yes, that is a long time.  Unfortunately, the post office for our area is fielding a team for the Moron Olympics.  Even more unfortunately, our carrier is running for team captain.  Sad, but true.  So we have to allow some time for mail to arrive.  Do not send cash under any circumstances.  Hopefully this situation will change when the new Amazon facility comes online later this year.  If it doesn't change, expect Amazon to go belly up in short order. 

Email us at for the address.  There are creeps in the world so I just can't post the mailing address online. 

SALE PENDING will be written when the deposit is received.

The listing will be changed to SOLD when full payment is received and the sweet bunny goes home.

We do our best to sex the kits correctly.  However, a mistake will probably be made someday.  Please be understanding. (UPDATE:  It's been 2.5 years and the girls have not made a mistake yet in sexing at 6 weeks.)

We will not knowingly sell an unhealthy rabbit or a rabbit that does not appear "right" in any way.  There is a reason rabbits have many litters of large numbers of kits.  It is because quite a few will die at a young age.  Most of these deaths occur at or very shortly after birth, but some will occur a few months later for no discernible reason.  Maybe it somehow got stressed or scared.  Maybe it ate something it shouldn't have.  Maybe there are congenital problems.  Once the rabbit leaves our rabbitry or our custody, there is no warranty.  All sales are final.

Just as we cannot guarantee that a show quality rabbit will win on the show table, likewise we cannot guarantee that a rabbit's personality will remain or become cuddly and lovey-dovey.  Some does just want to be bred--NOW!!  Some does are really scared of other rabbits and don't want to be bred at all.  Some rabbits are just really scared out in public and won't be happy at shows.  There's really no way for us to know how a junior rabbit is going to turn out.  The girls only keep and breed the rabbits that they absolutely love and as a result the vast majority of rabbits bred here are very sweet and well-behaved.

Please, please, please email us with questions, or post them on the blog.  We really want to be sure our rabbits are going to good homes with responsible owners ready to care for them.  While all of our customers thus far have been very nice people whom we have every confidence are providing the best of care for their rabbits, we have had some concerns with individuals who have expressed interest in our rabbits.  If we are not completely comfortable with an individual, we will not sell you a rabbit.  That's just the way it is.  One excellent way for us to become comfortable with you and with your level of preparation is for you to ask questions.   What we really do not want to see is someone who emails and says, "I'm ready for my rabbit now.  When can I come by?"

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