Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Truckee Meadows Rabbit Breeders Show

By Lydia

The ARBA double show was held at Cold Springs Middle School on July 26.  Before the show, as my sisters and I were deciding which rabbits to take, I was debating whether to enter Snowball.  I was considering leaving her at home because her wool was not in the best condition.  She was in a molt.   But I decided to take her because, if one of the other rabbits got disqualified, we would only have four, and there wouldn’t be enough rabbits for a leg to be awarded.  

Snowball (with Douglas County 4-H Best of Breed ribbon)

The first show of the two, the judge loved her and awarded her best of breed.  I was so surprised that she won a leg.  I was really glad I took her.  My mom and my sister Charlotte were so surprised that Duchess, who is Becky’s rabbit, did not win.

In the second show, the judge did not like Snowball, and totally ignored her.  She checked out the other rabbits and picked Snowball’s brother, Ninja, as best of breed.  Duchess got best opposite.  

Ninja, Best of Breed at TMRB show July 26.

In this show, only the most popular breeds got ribbons, so sadly, Snowball has nothing to show for her achievement.   So for this blogpost, I took a picture of her with one of her other ribbons.

I learned that judges may have very different opinions of what is best in rabbits. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Advantages of Joining 4-H

When I learned what 4-H was, I thought it would be smart to join to learn about the rabbit I was raising.  Joining turned out to be a great idea. 


First, I had no idea how to actually handle my rabbit.  I obviously did not want to hurt my rabbit, and I didn’t want to scare him, either.  I learned how to support his body properly, how to check for ear mites, and how to check his teeth.

My first rabbit, Indy.  My sweetest rabbit unfortunately had a heart condition.  He passed away in June.

Because he was a French angora, I learned about wool block and how to treat it.  At one of the 4-H shows, I learned I was feeding him and my other rabbit the wrong feed.  Contrary to what a 4-H member told us, French angoras actually need a lower protein feed, about 15-16%, rather than the 18% I was feeding them.  

I also learned that I was over-plucking my rabbits.  

Ninja joined the rabbitry in November 2013, two days before Thanksgiving.

There are great opportunities for leadership, though I have not yet run for office.  I probably will next time elections are held.

In showmanship, which I was really afraid of, I learned how to show my rabbit properly and that it was really a lot of fun.  It is actually a health check that also helps me to identify better rabbits.    
Finally, I also really learn a lot at shows.  I get advice on feed and care.  If I have a new rabbit, I can take it and ask a 4-H leader to judge it, which has been really successful. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bunnies for Sale


 "Maple" and "Stanley"

Maple and Stanley are now three months old with good conformation .  They are both chocolate steel and their wool is finely crimped, with good density and good texture.  They have been handled since birth and would make mighty fine show rabbits.  Both have been vaccinated against Pasteurella (snuffles).


The differences between them?  Maple weighs 4 lbs 10 oz, and Stanley is one pound more at 5 lbs 10 oz.

They are $70 each, with a $20 discount for 4-H.