Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
Sage's Kits, Nine Weeks Old

Monday, September 8, 2014

Breeding of Tootsie and Ninja

By Charlotte

I bred Tootsie and Ninja August 30 and 31, late at night and early in the morning. 

Tootsie as a first time mom lost eight out of nine of her kits.  This is actually a common occurrence with first-time moms.  I anticipate that she will be a much better mother this time.  She wants to be a mother, and knows she will be having kits soon.  You can tell she wants to be a mother with her gaining almost two pounds in a week and a half.  The kits are due October 1st.  

Tootsie, ecstatic mother-to-be

From breeding Tootsie and Indy together, we learned that Tootsie is double steel.  Meaning, unless with bred with another double steel, the whole litter will be some sort of steel.  Because Tootsie is a double steel, and we don’t have a double steel buck that she isn’t related to, I bred her with Ninja to produce steel (black steel).  There will definitely be black and chocolate steel and possibly blue and lilac steel.  

Ninja, proud dad-to-be.

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