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Black Diamond Kits
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Black Diamond Rabbitry

When I see an unusual screen name, blog name, company name, whatever, I often wonder how the individual came up with that name.  Maybe some of you wonder how we came up with the name of our rabbitry.

Wonder no longer.

The girls and I spent several months considering the problem of coming up with a respectable name for their enterprise.  I didn’t want anything associated with our name.  This is the Internet, and there are creeps out there.  For the same reason, I didn’t want anything associated with our location, like street name or valley where we live.  It’s enough for the world to know that we live in Reno, Nevada.

Anyway, one morning I was walking down the side of the mountain where we live on thirteen acres.  There is probably a 500 foot  change in elevation from the bottom of our property to the top.  Sections of it are very rocky and steep.  It reminded me of the most difficult ski runs—the black diamond ones—at Diamond Peak and Mount Rose Ski Areas.  Not that I ever went on those runs.  The beginner bunny hills challenged me more than enough.  So it came to me:  Black Diamond. 

I presented the suggestion to the girls, and immediately Charlotte piped up with, “Black Diamond Bunny Ranch!”


No. No. No.

We can be Black Diamond Bunnies or Black Diamond Rabbitry, but we are not the Black Diamond Bunny Ranch.

Just no.

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