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Black Diamond Kits
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Grooming Table

For the California State Convention (held February 28 in Turlock) my mom read that because it was going to be a large show, exhibitors weren't allowed to bring any tables, only cage stands.  We had not bought or made a cage stand, and we didn't own a grooming table. 

What was I going to do!?!

I told my mom my concerns, and she told me not to worry; everything would be just fine. 

I still thought this wasn't going to work, but I soon forgot about it with the excitement of getting all packed. 

We left around 9:00AM Friday morning.  After a couple of hours we made it to my grandparents' house in Turlock. 

After setting the rabbits up with food and water, I got myself some lunch.

Lydia told me that my grandparents had gotten a new dog.  I was, of course, excited for them.  For some odd reason though, my grandpa didn't want Lydia to be with the dog unless I went with her.  So I did, expecting to see a larger dog.  It was a big puppy all right, but not what kind of puppy I had expected.  There was a stuffed bulldog with a cigar hanging out of its mouth.  The stuffed dog was sitting on top of a beautiful rabbit grooming table!

My grandpa picked a lovely light-colored wood, perfect so that the bunnies would "pop" to passersby. 

Grandpa couldn't find any plans, so he had to come up with his own design.  Grandpa built in storage box with a magnetic closer.  It is wonderful.  There is extra support in the legs and it folds super compactly. 
It is way better than any other grooming table I have ever seen!  Wouldn't you agree?


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