Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Merlin Goes Home

Merlin, formerly known as the smoke pearl buck, has gone home to his new family.  Merlin was the last remaining buck of Muddy Buddy and Duchess's litter, and the only one that wasn't sold at Turlock. 

The family who bought him came to the Douglas show looking for a rabbit they wanted to raise for a 4-H project.  So they arrived at the show with a quest to find that special rabbit.  Apparently, they had originally planned on getting a lop, but they had a very difficult time making contact with a lop breeder who would return their calls.  (Many of you may know that breeders of some lop breeds have developed a reputation for being very competitive.) 

So this family happened to see one of our most beautiful angoras, Honey, and immediately came to our area.  Becky and the rest of us started talking to them about our unique breed.  (Becky is a great chit-chatter.  I, on the other hand, have a lot to learn from her.)  Becky got caught up in sharing with them all the great things about French angoras, and totally forgot to tell them that we actually had REW and smoke pearl junior bucks that were available.  Luckily, my mom reminded Becky that we had two for sale.  After they decided on the smoke pearl, we enjoyed teaching them about grooming techniques. 

They seemed like a very nice family and I think Merlin will be very well taken care of.  We will be looking forward to seeing them at the shows.   

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