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Black Diamond Kits
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How To Hold a French Angora Rabbit's Head for 4-H Showmanship

Our friend Julie has some 4-H'ers who are not new to showing rabbits, but they are new to showing French angoras.  Julie wanted to be able to show them how to properly hold the rabbit's head when flipping the rabbit over for doing the health check on the teeth.  Charlotte and Lydia have never shown any rabbits other than French angoras, so they don't know if there is something different that is done for other rabbits. 

Below are the pics for how to hold a French angora rabbit's head for showmanship.  Charlotte says that the middle, ring, and pinky fingers are used to hold the scruff of the rabbit's neck, while the index finger and thumb are free to manipulate the ears. 

Julie, let us know if this helps, or if you need some other pictures.  And everyone else, if you have questions, please ask us!

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