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Black Diamond Kits
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Friday, March 27, 2015

A Typical 4-H Meeting

A typical 4--H meeting begins with the pledges--the Pledge of Allegiance and then the 4-H pledge.  Then we discuss old business--what we talked about at the previous meeting.  And then we talk about new business--what we will be discussing during the business portion of the meeting.  That is followed by the treasurer's report.  It tells how much we spent in the previous month and how much money is on our bank account.  Charlotte is the treasurer, but she has been sick, so the president read the report for her.  Then we have roll call by the secretary, which is my position.  We also introduce new members, if any.  We had three new members last night.  Next, we go around the room and share our show results. 

For our new business, we discussed upcoming shows, like the West Coast Classic and Bunnies in Bloom, and debated whether our club should host a spring show. 

One of our youth then made a presentation on a new color she is developing in the breed she raises.  She needs to find five different people to breed and raise this rabbit before she can get it accepted as a new color.  It sounds like an interesting endeavor, but it is a meat rabbit.  We prefer wool rabbits. 

Then the meeting was officially adjourned.  But people hang around to chat.  Some were learning about showmanship.  I had my sister's kits assessed for body type and wool quality. 

The whole meeting lasts for about an hour, and it's only once a month.  It's not a big time commitment.

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