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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Vaccination Day

BunnyVac pasteurella vaccine, 20 dose vial
We vaccinate our rabbits because we do not want them to get snuffles.  Snuffles is actually a very deadly disease in rabbits and highly contagious.

On vaccination day we bring all the bunnies inside, so that we do not miss anyone or vaccinate anyone twice. 

Vaccination holding pen

We have two people doing the work.  The first holds the rabbit, keeping him calm with a firm hold.  The second draws the vaccine into the syringe and removes all air bubbles. She then pinches the skin between the shoulders and inserts the needle just under the skin. 
She then pulls back the syringe just a little to make sure there is no blood, and then injects the vaccine. At this time, the rabbit may become unsettled, because it hurts.  Try to finish quickly and then massage the injection site.    

A booster needs to be administered four weeks after the initial injection, and then annually. 


  1. Will I be able to buy boosters from you?

    1. Hi Emmie,

      Unfortunately, the lab that manufactures BunnyVac sells it in 20-dose and 50-dose vials only. And it is supposed to be used all at once and the remainder thrown away. And they don't tell you this on the website. The vaccine is really meant for laboratories and larger scale breeders.

      Honestly, I personally would not give the vaccine to my rabbits if I had only a few and if I were not taking them to shows. Without taking them to shows, the only way they would get pasteurella would be if I were not keeping the cages clean and feeding them well.

      However, because Charlotte is obsessively worries about her rabbits and worries about every single sneeze, I felt it was extremely worthwhile for me to get the vaccine. I tried to explain to her that sometimes rabbits to get bits of hay or dust up their noses, and that they do sometimes sneeze, and that a sneeze or even a couple of sneezes do not mean that a bunny has snuffles (pasteurella). But she still worried too much, so it was just easier to get the vaccine.

      If you want, we can let you know when we vaccinate and you could bring your bunnies up, or we could bring some vaccine with us when we travel down to the rabbit show next month and vaccinate them on our way. But it really isn't something I would be concerned about if I were you. Of course, that is assuming that you haven't changed your mind and decided that you will be showing your rabbits.

    2. When I recently contacted the manufacturer (Bob Glass), he said it could be saved for an entire year. I was on the fence about ordering for my 3 rabbit herd as I did not want to waste so much of it. However, he told me directly it was good for a whole year and to save it in case I get more rabbits over the course of the year (I show but my guys are also used for educational events and I rescue as well).

  2. Thank you so much!!! We really appreciate the info!!