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Black Diamond Kits
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Monday, January 26, 2015

A New Year of 4-H

At our first 4-H meeting of the year, we had elections.  Two people ran for president, and each made a speech about why s/he should be elected.  The voting was very close, with the new president getting only one more vote than his opponent.  Then we moved onto vice-president.  There were two contestants again, and the voting was not as close.  Then we moved on to secretary.  The secretary takes notes on the meeting, takes attendance, and reads notes on the previous meeting.  I did not want to make a speech, because I was not prepared to give one.  But I wanted an office.  I waited a little while to see if anyone was going run for secretary.  Nobody did, so I raised my hand.  Because I was unopposed, I didn't have to make a speech.  I am now the secretary for the year. 

Then we moved on to treasurer.  My mom wanted my sister to run for vice-president, but she didn't.  She hates speaking in public.  She ran for treasurer.  (That's lower than the secretary!)  And she did it because she was unopposed as well. 

I look forward to learning from this experience. 

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