Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Getting Ready for Gridley

We registered for the Gridley show on Monday, the deadline.  We always wait 'til the last minute to make sure the weather will allow us to travel, and to decide which rabbits have the best coats. 

All the kits from Tootsie and Snowball are going, so there will be enough juniors for a leg.  Cookie is also going.  Snowball, too, will be attending.  Muddy Buddy, too.  Ninja, Blue, Honey, and Duchess and the five kits aren't coming with us.  But they should all be able to make the California State Convention. 

We have gone to Gridley before.  It was a very nice show, probably the nicest I have been to.  It was a triple youth last time.  This time it is only a double youth.  We entered our best rabbits in the triple open to see how our stock compares.  We are looking forward to seeing our angora friends, Betty and Julie and Casey, again.  And we are looking forward to meeting Emmie, who bought a breeding trio from us.  Our aunt and grandpa delivered them, so we didn't get to actually meet Emmie yet.

My siblings and I have forgotten many things in the past, including a rabbit once (at least we were only two minutes away when we remembered).  So we have made a packing list. 

For the rabbits:
Show carpets
Slicker brush
Nail clippers
Crocks/Bottles for food and water
Newspapers (for changing pans)
Towels for covering cages
Spare cage for bringing home new stock

For the people:
Table or stand for cages (makes life easier than bending over)
Grooming table
Showmanship clothes for 4-H (black jeans, white shirt, green ribbon, black belt)
Masking tape (to remove wool from clothes)
ARBA Standard of Perfection
Tattoo kit
Pedigree charts and records for selling and for ARBA registration
Money (for paying entry fees, supplies, new stock)
Business cards
Bags for collecting wool
Snacks  (for you and to share with others)
Water bottles
Hairbrush (for people)
Good shoes (you are going to be on your feet all day)
First aid kit

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  1. Sorry I couldn't make it . Disn't feel well enough for a 2.5 hour drive.