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Monday, October 27, 2014

What Happens at a 4-H Meeting

Today I thought I’d post on what happens at a typical 4-H meeting.  First, we open the meeting and then recite our pledges to the United States of America and then our 4-H pledge.  Then we have roll call and introduction of new members.  The Treasurer’s report comes next.  The treasurer states our expenses and then how much we have left in the bank.  The secretary’s report tells what happened in our previous meeting.  New business is then presented and discussed.  Then we all discuss the previous month’s shows—where we went and what awards our rabbits received or how we did in showmanship.  All of the above happens at every 4-H meeting.  

(Oops.  My mom just realized she forgot to take any pictures.)

The next portion of the meeting is different each month.  At this month’s meeting we had a presentation by the 4-H coordinator about the ambassador program.  I’m too young for it, so I really didn’t pay much attention.  Next there was a presentation on a fundraiser.  Then we discussed our upcoming 4-H show, the expenses for it, locations for future shows, and made assignments for this show.  Finally, two of our members gave a presentation on mini rexes.  

Announcements always happen at the formal end of the meeting, and then the meeting is adjourned.  But most people usually hang around for a while.  The senior members of the club then help the younger members with showmanship, clerking practice, tattooing, or judging.  Basically, we help out with other members’ rabbits, learn new things, and socialize.  Each meeting lasts about an hour.

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