Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
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Friday, October 3, 2014

A New Blower

We decided to get a blower because we found out that it made the rabbits fluffier so that they do better at shows.  It makes them fluffier because the blower will only blow out little mats and tangles.  The comb will pull out wool that doesn’t need to come out yet.  

My mom didn’t think a blower would make much difference.  But at the Stockton show we watched Julie use it on her rabbits. We were surprised to see the tangles and mats blow steadily out.  

We didn’t get the same blower that the adult angora breeders use.  What they use is larger and more expensive.  We also decided it was a little quieter than what we got.  We got the Quick Draw Portable Pet Dryer by Metro Air Force pictured below.
Metro Air Force Quick Draw Portable Pet Dryer

Maple and Stanley did not like the blower.  It was hard to keep them from jumping around.  Maple was a little scared and cuddled up to me.  My mom suggested that she would use the blower and I would keep the rabbits calm.  Normally, rabbits are used to the blower so it only takes a few minutes for one person to do it.  

Maple, before being blown

We are going to see if our rabbits do better at the Gridley show next week since we now have a blower to use on them.

Maple, after being blown

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