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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Trimming Nails

 A rabbit’s nails need to be trimmed once or twice a month to keep the rabbit healthy.  If the nails are not trimmed, the rabbit will develop sore hocks.  Sore hocks are painful and can become infected.  I use dog nail clippers for my French angoras, but for young rabbits you can use nails clippers for people.  

So here is how you trim a rabbit’s nails, step by step.  You will want a second person to assist you.

First, get your nail clippers and then get your rabbit.  Have your assistant sit down on a couch or chair.  If your assistant sits on the floor your rabbit can easily escape.   Place your rabbit on your assistant’s lap and have her flip it over. Make sure your assistant is holding the rabbit firmly.  As you clip the nails, make sure to keep the hair away from the nails.  If you don’t, you will be able to see clearly and you may cut the quick.  Sometimes, if you get too close to the quick and are about to cut, your rabbit will flip over.  Sometimes, they are a little ticklish.  

Maple getting his nails done

No rabbits were harmed in the making of this blogpost

Keep in mind that rabbit nails can grow at different rates.  Sometimes the back nails won’t need to be trimmed, but the front will.  Sometimes the dew claw needs to be trimmed, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Always check.  Trim the front paws first, and then the back.  After you are done trimming, flip your rabbit over and put him down on the floor to run around.  If he was good, give him a little treat. 

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