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Black Diamond Kits
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Plucking Day

We try to delay plucking time until after big shows, because wool counts for 55% of a rabbit’s score in judging.  But when new wool is coming in, it is time to start plucking, or it will be soon.  If rabbits aren’t regularly plucked and groomed, they can get wool block.

Plucking is pulling out the rabbits’ loose wool.  It doesn’t hurt them.  However, make sure not to over pluck.  It is possible to make them bald (we did that with Ninja).  We do it outside when it is not windy, because Dad and my brothers complain about wool on their clothes if we do it inside.

Maple and Stanley got plucked yesterday.  They are a little over 4.5 months old right now—the average age of the first plucking.  Maple yielded .6 ounces of wool and he probably still needs to be plucked a little more.

Stanley, before plucking

Maple, before plucking

Maple, after plucking

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