Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
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Monday, October 13, 2014

Gridley Show--11 October 2014

There were a lot less people than we expected at a double triple show (triple youth show and triple open show).  It was a smaller building, so we were all very cozy.  Strangely enough, this triple show went faster than any double show we’ve ever been to.  We were done by 3:00.  It was indoors, unlike the last Stockton show, and probably the nicest place we’ve shown—the AC was going for the rabbits, there was a large grassy parking area for letting rabbits out (and parking), and it was right outside the building.  All the angora judging tables were right next to each other, making it so much easier for us to find them.  We were so used to long shows and always being last that we didn’t have all our rabbits groomed when it was time to go to table.  That did cost Duchess a leg, but it was ok since Becky’s other doe, Honey, got the leg.  They switched up the order, which we had never seen done before, so the youth French angora went up sooner.  
If we had to choose between going to Gridley or Stockton, we would choose Gridley any day. 

We had our best friends who are also raising some nice French angoras with us, so it was lots of fun.  At the show, we met some other French angora youth.  They had a beautifully colored buck—a self-chocolate, but he had a lot of reddish tint.  My mom is still drooling over him.  It was really fun to meet them, and we hope to see them at other shows.

Tootsie was way overweight, and Muddy just turned senior and was underweight.  I didn’t want to spend money to enter them—even though they both had nice coats—and risk getting DQ’d.  So I took Ninja who had very uneven coat, just so we’d have the numbers for getting two legs per show.  Two significant things I learned this time—1.  If rabbits are DQ’d for weight, it doesn’t take away from the count for legs, so I should have taken Muddy and Tootsie, because the judges sometimes don’t even notice the weight;  2.  Senior does usually win best of breed.

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  1. A lot learned at this show. Looks like one has to always be ready.