Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
Sage's Kits, Nine Weeks Old

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Placerville Show Sadness

The deadline for entering the Placerville show was last night.  For the past few weeks we have been contemplating whether it was too close to the state convention and the travel might stress the junior rabbits too much.  It turned out, as the deadline loomed closer, that I caught the flu.  Not knowing how long I would have it (I started with it early yesterday morning), it was a gamble whether or not we would be able to go.  We didn't if or when Lydia and my mom would get sick.  We really wanted to, because it sounded like they would have great showmanship prizes.  We went back and forth, and ultimately decided not to. 

It turned out that Lydia got sick this morning. 

I believe we really would have enjoyed the Placerville show.  I had a few concerns that it would be hard on the rabbits.  The state convention only a week later is a lot of travel for them, and they would be staying in small cages for two days and two nights.  This way, by staying home, they will be all fresh and ready for the state convention. 

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