Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
Sage's Kits, Nine Weeks Old

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gridley Show, Lydia's Point of View

We woke up at 5AM to leave for the show.  We packed all our snacks, put the bunnies in their cages, and drove off.  Most of the drive, I slept.  When we arrived at the Butte County Fairgrounds, my mom talked to the angora ladies and they said that the open angora show A would be up soon.  So we unloaded the show box and all the bunnies quickly.  We had to groom the three that were in the open shows quickly.  Then it was announced that the open was up.  Unfortunately, there was not enough room for the French angora junior does, so we took them back and finished grooming them until the other French angoras had been judged. 

Then we took our rabbits back up for judging.  Unfortunately, Fudge did not do very well, but at least some other rabbit could get a leg.  In the open show B, Fudge again did not do as well, sadly.  In the youth show A, Fudge did better.  She got second place out of the junior does.  Snowball did very well.  She got best of variety and best of breed, so she got a leg.  Snowball now has two legs.  Unfortunately, I never got her comment card, so I never got the ribbons she earned.  But my sister let me use her best of breed card so that I could get my picture taken with her.  The people at the Gridley show then printed the picture and put it on a keychain.  Unfortunately, Snowball was not behaving and I had to lift her legs to keep her from digging. 

Awesome keychain awards for youth  BOB and BOSB at Gridley 
Then it was time for open show C.  Fudge again did not do well, but my sister's rabbits did very well.  After that, I did showmanship with Fudge.  Unfortunately, I did not know that for California-style, I was supposed to judge my rabbit at the end.  If I had done that, I might have gotten first place.  My sister did get first in showmanship and I am happy for her.  She has gotten first place in intermediate showmanship every time.  I think she should move on to senior. 

Junior showmanship at Gridley
Then came breed ID, and I did horrible.  My sister and I think it is always very odd.  Charlotte's level is higher than mine.  Her judges are always nicer.  They always give her the answers when they correct her papers or judge royalty, but for me, they never do. 

We had to wait a long time for youth show B.  Unfortunately, the judge was the same one who gave her her leg at the Truckee Meadows show.  He loved her then.  At this show, he didn't like her at all.  He also thought that Sweetie, my sister's steel junior doe, was a chestnut agouti with very poor ring definition.  And he thought that Sage, who got best of breed in that show, was a chocolate agouti.  She's actually a chocolate steel. 

Judging for youth show A
Then we packed up and left.  And I slept most of the way.  I was pretty happy. 

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