Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
Sage's Kits, Nine Weeks Old

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Black Diamond Rabbitry... Expands

So after a road trip to Apple Hill last year during which the girls made deliveries on four rabbits, and collected a chunk of change in the process, Lydia thought she might like to buy some Legos with her hard-earned cash.  And it was definitely hard-earned, and it was all hers.  Though I winced inside at the thought of all that money going for some plastic blocks--and it was a good thing I was driving so that she couldn't see my face--I didn't say anything.  I think when children work for their money, they need to control it as well. 

Charlotte spent a few more minutes thinking about her money, and then announced:  "I'm getting a lamb!"  Lydia thought that sounded better than Legos.  I was quite happy.  I think my husband might have preferred the Legos. 

Anyway, Charlotte did all the research and settled on the Miniature Cheviot breed.  She will hopefully blog some about that later. 

We're city transplants and we don't yet have a trailer.  So we did what most people do who suspect that if we waited for Dad to get a trailer, we might never get sheep.  We took out all the back seats in the minivan, laid down a tarp and some kitty litter and straw, and headed off for the sheep.  Eight hundred and fifty miles.  Because we have to have the best, you know.  Ugh.  Long drive. 

But here they are.

Charlotte with her bummer lamb, Liberty.
Yearling ewe, Ella, and ram, Benjamin, who are still too skittish to pose with Lydia and Charlotte.

Dean at Shepherd's Bounty was so good communicating with Charlotte.  She had probably two dozen emails to him and his wife over the past five months, and they very patiently answered each of her questions.  Charlotte and Lydia are thrilled to have gotten their sheep from him, and Charlotte is already thinking she will need to go back for another ram.  I'm thinking she's going to have to get her dad to take her next time.

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