Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cal State Convention Show Report

We had the easiest set-up ever.  Pulled right up to the door--the only door where we could find a close outlet to plug the blower in.  It was about five steps, maybe seven, from the van to the door.  So we set up right inside. Lydia had a book, and I had some fiber to spin on a drop spindle.

I think Show A judging didn't start until at least 2PM. 

Judge Piper loved Maybelline and awarded her the leg.  Only one legs was going to French angoras in each show today, as we had only eight rabbits entered--Charlotte had three, Lydia had three, and Evan had two.
Charlotte clerked for Judge Mike.  Because Maybelline had just received her third leg towards her Grand Champion certificate, Charlotte substituted Phantom in Show B in Maybelline's place.  Judge Mike favored Phantom, and she got the leg in this show. 

The best part of the day was the picnic lunch that Grandma and Grandpa brought.  We should have taken several pictures of it, but we were so hungry that we dove right in without even thinking. 

The second best part of the day was that Charlotte sold three rabbits to a very nice lady who has shown angoras in the past and may return to showing.  She's also a spinner.  The girls love selling to spinners because spinners take the best care of their bunnies.

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