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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Angora/Alpaca Seed Stitch Hand Warmers and Matching Headband

Almost two years ago, when I was just beginning to spin, I selected a beautiful sweater pattern to knit. I spun one ply of white angora, and one ply of off-white alpaca, and plied them together. Unfortunately, my gauge wasn't even close, and I ran out of white angora.  So the yarn was set aside until I found a project it was suited to.  That took a year and a half.  But I found the pattern--Cascade Yarns' Moss Stitch Vest (

This is how it turned out

I had about one hundred yards left over and decided to make a matching headband and hand warmers.

Hand warmers and headband


For the hand warmers, you will need about about 50 yards of yarn (I used 44 yards, but you should allow for more yarn, just in case); US3 dpns (double pointed needles) and US6 dpns or US6 9-inch circular needles (Chiaogoo is the only manufacturer of this size--I got mine on Amazon); a stitch marker, and a yarn needle.

Notes:  The yarn I used was a hand spun two ply--one ply of alpaca and one ply of angora.  The best reference for trying to match various hand spun or commercial yarns is the WPI (wraps per inch--wrap yarn snugly around a ruler.  How many times is the yarn wrapped around?).  My WPI for this yarn was 13.  Gauge is 4.5 stitches per inch, 6 rows per inch on the larger needles.  My hand is 6.5 inches around and it is 7 inches from my wrist to the tip of my middle finger.

Using US3 dpns, cast on 30 stitches and divide stitches evenly over three or four needles.  Join, taking care not to twist stitches on needles, and PM (place marker) to mark beginning of rounds.  Work around in K1P1 rib for Rows 1-9.

Row 10:  Switch to US6 9" circular needle (or dpns), P1K1 all the way around.
Row 11:  K1P1 all the way around.
Rows 12-17:  Repeat rows 9 and 10 three times.

Row 18:  P1K1 to marker and turn. 
Row 19:  K1P1 to marker and turn.
Rows 20-25:  Repeat rows 17 and 18 three times.

Rows 26-33:  Join both sides together again and work in the round in patt. 

Rows 34-38 ribbing:  Switch to US3 dpns and K1P1 for 1x1 ribbing.

Row 39:  Bind off loosely using a size 6 needle for bind off.  Weave in ends with yarn needle.
Repeat for second hand warmer.


Materials:  28 yards of yarn (I used 28 yards, but you should allow for more just in case), US6 needles, yarn needle

Using US6 needles, cast on 15 stitches.  Work in seed stitch until it measures 18 inches.  Bind off.  Sew short ends together.

Weave in ends.

This free pattern is provided for your personal use only.  It may not be copied or distributed without written permission.  Copyright Black Diamond Rabbitry, 2016.

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