Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
Sage's Kits, Nine Weeks Old

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stockton Show Report

We headed out early to go to the Stockton show, so that we could stay at our grandparents' house and visit them.  We got up early to go to the Stockton show, but there was a lot of road work, so we had to take a different route, and on that route there were a lot of bumps.  Finally, we got there, and again, some kind of event was going on.  Fortunately, there were not a bunch of motorcycles racing next to our rabbits.  We got our rabbits set up right next to the angora ladies and saw that one of the girls that we had sold a rabbit to was there.  We set up and went to go see where the angora judging was.  Show A came for the French angoras and we got our rabbits up to the table.  PB got best of breed and Fudge got best opposite.  So now PB has two legs.  For show B, we did the same thing, except Fudge got best of breed for her first leg and PB got best opposite.

Then came the angora specialty show.  Fudge and PB were entered in it.  Unfortunately, my mom can't count, and she entered Fudge as a senior.  My mom realized when we got home that Fudge was still a junior.  We could have entered her as a junior, where she would have done very well.  So Fudge and PB did not win.

It was getting hotter, and I decided to skip best in show for show B.  So we just went home. 

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