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Black Diamond Kits
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How To Fill Out a Show Entry Form

Our 4-H club is putting on a show at the end of this month.  In order to be able to enter the show, we need to fill out a show entry form.  Regardless of the show, it is all the same information that is required.  Most shows accept snail mail or email entries; we've only had one show that is snail mail only.

When we first started showing, my mom went crazy trying to fill out pdf forms online and then email them to the show secretary.  Then we found out that we can just submit the necessary information by email without having to fill out a form.  It is much easier.

All you have to do is email the show secretary with the following information:

The first bit of info to include is the breed.  In this case, French angora.

Then you note the variety.  With French angora, there are only two varieties--white and colored.  Whites are REWs, BEWs, and points.  Everything else is colored.

Next is the rabbit's ear number (tattoo).  In order to be shown, the rabbit has to be tattooed in the left ear.  If your rabbit is not yet tattooed and you wish to show him, often you can find someone at the show to tattoo him.  He just needs to be tattooed before he's taken to the show table.

Then note the sex.  Your only options are buck or doe.  If you make a mistake here, your rabbit will be DQ'd off the table.  We've seen it happen.

Finally, indicate which class.  For French angoras, the choices are junior or senior.  Juniors must meet minimum weight, which is 3.12 pounds.  (You read this as three pounds, twelve ounces.  No, it does not seem right, but this is the rabbit world and somebody else made up the rules.)  And they must be under six months of age.  Seniors must also meet the minimum weight for senior class, which is 7.8 pounds (seven pounds, eight ounces).  Juniors may be entered as seniors, but seniors may never be entered as juniors. 

The other info you need to include is your name, mailing address, email, and phone number.  And you also need to indicate which shows you are entering, whether open or youth for ARBA shows, and which shows you are showing in--A, B, and/or C. 

When you enter by email, you pay your fees at the show.  When you enter by snail mail, you need to enclose a check with your entry. 

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