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Monday, April 13, 2015

Rabbit Color Genetics: The A Gene

By popular demand, we are now going to dedicate a few of our blog posts to French angora color genetics. There are many genes that affect a rabbit's color. They are called the A, B, C, D, and E genes. Very original names, if I say so myself. Today I will discuss the A gene.

The A series contains three genes (listed in descending order of dominance):

A represents agouti. The color of the chestnut agouti is the easiest to explain. Aside, of course, from the length of the wool, a chestnut agouti looks exactly the same in color as a jackrabbit or cottontail. Agoutis have lacing on the ears, bands in the wool, and rings around the eyes. It is desirable to breed an agouti with a rabbit that carries the chinchilla dark (cchd) gene. However, it is quite undesirable to breed an agouti with a rabbit that carries the chinchilla light (cchl) gene. Such a breeding may result in unshowable colors. The agouti gene is also necessary for making creams, fawns, and reds.

at represents the tan gene. It is not showable in French angora, so we won't discuss it other than to say that it is recessive to agouti, but dominant to self (a).

a represents the self gene. A self rabbit has no bands in the wool. The wool color is fainter at the skin but increases in color the closer you get to the end of the hair.

Yes, I should have taken pictures. But we can't find the camera right now.

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