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Black Diamond Kits
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why Show?

When I first got into rabbits, I did not want to show.  I didn't know what showing was all about.  I heard some of the 4-H'ers say that their rabbit had been disqualified for this or that.  Would my rabbit get DQ'ed?  Wouldn't it be embarrassing?

Shows are not only very educational, but also they are a place where you meet other youth, especially those showing your same breed, learn about new breeds, and learn a whole lot about how rabbits, especially your breed, are judged.

Shows let you step back and see what the judges say about your rabbit.

Shows also turn out to be quite fun.

If you are selling rabbits, shows are a prime place to sell.  If you are buying, shows are a prime place to find new rabbits.

Shows are a great place to meet up and deliver rabbits to your buyers.  ARBA shows are listed on the ARBA website at  In our area, most shows are held in the spring and fall.  There seems to be a break from late December to mid-January.  There are fewer shows held in the summer here, probably because high summer temperatures and outdoor rabbit shows don't mix.  We don't even travel to any in July or August. 

I have never had a rabbit get disqualified.  However, I don't worry about it anymore.  French angoras are usually one of the last breeds to be judged, if not the last.  By then judges are  tired and may overlook a few things.  In fact, I knew a girl who showed a rabbit with a missing toe, because only a few judges will ever notice it.

French angoras aren't a popular breed, so judges tend to be a little unfamiliar with them.  They are always consulting the SOP book.  On the other hand, some judges are very comfortable with them because not too many people know the breed.

Also, keep in mind that even if you are DQ'ed, very few people will notice.  In fact, the only ones who will know are those who are at the table with you.  And very often, the next judge won't notice whatever it is your rabbit was DQ'ed for this time. 

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