Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
Sage's Kits, Nine Weeks Old

Monday, April 27, 2015

Mom Wins and Charlotte Loses; Or, More Fun Guessing the Colors of These Kits

When the kits were first born, we supposed that we had four coloreds and seven REWs.  Among the coloreds, we knew we had one self-black.  

Self-black kit
We assumed we had three agoutis.  However, two of the supposed agoutis do not have any tan, only black and white.  The last of the supposed coloreds is a definite chestnut agouti.  The two black and whites look to us like chinchillas, but we really are not sure.  PB does not show any chinchilla dark gene in his pedigree, only full-color progenitors.  So that makes us hesitant to state that these two kits are chinchillas. 

Chinchilla? kits

Chestnut agouti kit
Now onto the "REWs".  Within two days, two of the "REWs" began to color.  We still aren't sure, but they are either oranges or fawns. 

Orange or fawn kits
One of the four remaining REWs started to show a little color on his nose, feet, ears, and tail.  My mom started thinking that he could be a cream, and that all of them could be creams.  Charlotte said Mom was delusional and that they were all REWs.  We wouldn't find out for sure until their eyes opened.  Charlotte was sure she was right. 

Pearl? kits
And then their eyes opened.  Mom won.  They look like pearls, which would fit very well with the other two unknown colors being chinchillas.  Regardless, they are definitely not REWs. 

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