Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
Sage's Kits, Nine Weeks Old

Monday, February 29, 2016

Deciding Which Rabbits To Take to Shows

So tonight is the deadline for entering the California State Rabbit Convention in Turlock that is being held March 5-7, 2016.

We have limited space (and limited funds!), so we need to consider carefully which rabbits should be entered.

There are fifteen French angoras here, as of today.  But to be sure, all fifteen are not going.

The four remaining junior bucks from Sage's litter all still have pretty short coats, so they will be staying home for sure.

Coal and Phantom need to earn legs still, but they do not have good show coats right now.  And Phantom needs to go on a diet.  Hopefully both will be in condition for the West Coast Classic next month.

Snowball already has three legs for a Grand Champion certificate, but apparently we never got her registered.  So she has to go before she gets bred, which will hopefully be soon.  Once she is bred, she probably won't be in good show condition for another six months or more, so she has to go now.

Maybelline and Fudge each need one more leg towards their Grand Champion certificates, and they are in pretty good condition right now, so they both go.

Phantom's remaining kits, a junior buck and two junior does are looking pretty nice, and they are for sale, so they all go.   

Muddy Buddy and Ninja are already Grand Champions, so they stay home.  However, if we need a filler bunny (so that we have five bucks so that a buck can earn a leg), then one of them can go.

That leaves Sage, who is already a Grand Champion with six legs to her credit.  There is no point in entering her in a youth competition--she would just reduce the opportunities for other rabbits to earn legs.  If she were in prime condition, then she might be entered in open competition.  But while she looks really good, she doesn't look like she could win in an open show, so she stays home this time as well.

That takes us down to six rabbits, and that will be enough to keep the girls hopping.

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