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Black Diamond Kits
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Monday, February 1, 2016

Submitting Paperwork for Grand Champions

I decided to finally crack down and make myself do the paperwork for getting the rabbits registered as grand champions.  The process really isn't that difficult.  I'm just one of those people who hates doing paperwork.

So here's the process for getting a rabbit registered as a Grand Champion.

The details for registering a rabbit can be found here:

In a nutshell, the rabbit must be at least six months old and must have a complete pedigree chart showing the rabbit to be registered plus three additional generations.  Rabbits get registered at ARBA shows.  What does the registration show and why should one consider registering a rabbit?  Well, the registration shows that the registrar says that the rabbit meets the standards for that breed and that it has a purebred pedigree.  A rabbit must be registered before you can apply for the Grand Champion certificate.  As I was putting everything together Saturday night, I realized that while we have three legs for Snowball, for some reason she hasn't been registered yet, so I have to wait until that happens at the next show to then apply for her Grand Champion certificate. 

Also, the rabbit must have earned at least three legs, and at least one of those has to be as a senior.  Charlotte's Sage had earned five legs as a junior, but she had to wait until she had a senior leg to submit papers for a Grand Champion certificate.  A Grand Champion certificate shows that at least three judges have judged this rabbit to be the best in a group of at least five rabbits.  

Having rabbits that are both registered and that are Grand Champions shows prospective buyers that you probably have good stock and you can command a higher price for your rabbits. 

The legs need to have the additional information required filled in, and then they need to be mailed to the ARBA office.   We make photocopies of everything before we submit it, just in case anything gets lost in the mail. 

Edited to add:  Don't forget to enclose the check ($4 per certificate), or the nice lady at the ARBA office will call you.  Don't ask how we know that.

In about a month, the certificates should arrive. 

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