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Black Diamond Kits
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How To Sanitize a Cage

Sanitizing a cage is very important.  If you have a rabbit that is going into a cage that has had a different rabbit in it, you will want to sanitize the cage to kill germs.

The first thing to do is get all the loose waste out of the cage by dumping it and using a stiff brush on the wire and pan.  Then hose down the cage.  After that pour a little bit of vinegar on a scrub brush and scrub all the way around the cage.  Then hose down the cage again. 

The next step is to set it in the sun to dry.  The ultraviolet light of the sun helps to kill germs. 

The best thing to do to make sure the germs are really killed is to use fire.  Because it isn't always convenient to start a bonfire in the backyard, especially here in the desert, we use my brother's acetylene torch.    When you torch a cage, you need to wear gloves for protection.  You also need to torch your cage far away from trees, grass, and anything that can catch fire.  We have a lot of sand here, so we just do it on the sand.  All you do is turn the torch on and move the flame all over the cage.  It burns the hair right off, so it really is the easiest way of removing hair from the cage.  If you are a kid, make sure you have an adult supervising while you do this.

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