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Black Diamond Kits
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Differences Between ARBA and 4-H Shows

What is the difference between ARBA shows and 4-H shows?  There are actually some significant differences.  I'd love for my readers, especially the youth, to understand so that they are more prepared for their first shows. 

For example, 4-H shows are almost always smaller, with far fewer people and rabbits.  One will not find vendors selling cages and other products at 4-H shows.  Sometimes they are limited to just 4-H members; other shows invite the community--including adults--to participate.  Though it seems like adults would not enter a 4-H show, sometimes these shows are a good way to help get started because they are less chaotic. 

In addition, 4-H shows usually include three classes that ARBA shows do not.  These are the cross breeds, DQs (rabbits disqualified permanently or temporarily for color, weight, congenital defects),  and pet classes.  Not only are these classes judged first, at least here in Northern Nevada, but the prizes are usually pretty cool!

At 4-H shows, we learn more about the health of rabbits in general, entrepreneurship, and record-keeping.  At ARBA shows, I learn specifically about improving French angoras. 

ARBA shows have nice prizes for Best in Show and Reserve in Show.  For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the breeds they usually have cheapie ribbons.  On the other hand, 4-H often have nicer ribbons and nice prizes for Best in Show.  

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