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Black Diamond Kits
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Monday, July 13, 2015

Buck or Doe?

Sarah, one of the buyers that contacted us last week, asked our thoughts on whether it was better to get a buck or a doe.  No one had ever asked this question of us before, so we were a little surprised.  It has been our experience that does are in much greater demand than bucks.  There are two reasons for this.  One, I think, is that most people think that does are nicer in general than bucks.  The second reason, of course, is that if you want to have kits, you need a doe, and if you are planning to become a breeder, you need only one buck, but you probably want two or three does. 

However, if I were to have only one French angora rabbit, all other factors being equal, I would choose a buck. 


Well, because in general bucks are nicer than does.  Most does eventually want to have kits.  If they don't get bred, they may get rather cranky about it and start nipping.  Nobody likes that.  On the other hand, bucks are very lovey-dovey.  At least the ones we have here are.

Now of course bucks aren't perfect.  They have a downside, too.  They sometimes spray.  Some people put spray guards around the bottom edges of the cage.  Others hang shower curtains.  We keep all the bucks on one side of the barn and hang a tarp to protect the wall. 

Sarah had originally planned to get a doe, but changed her mind after getting our opinion on bucks and does.  She'll be taking Arven home next week.  She should probably call him Lover Boy instead.  We had all the remaining kits inside for some playtime last week, and this sweetie pie refused to go play.  He kept jumping up on the couch and wanting to be held.  Just thinking about it now makes me feel so guilty for continuing to put him back down on the floor.  I could almost run out to the bunny barn right now and scoop him up.  But it's almost midnight.  Maybe tomorrow.

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