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Black Diamond Kits
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Monday, July 13, 2015

Bunny Bonanza

We don't do Facebook, which according to our 4-H president is the way to advertise rabbits.  We usually sell one at every ARBA show we go to.  But most of our rabbits are sold through Craigslist.  I listed Lydia's litter of ten on June 29 both here in Reno and in Modesto, CA, where my dad and stepmother live.  (We visit them often and so we can deliver rabbits along the way.)

And we heard nothing.  Not a single inquiry for four days. 

Then boom.  It seems like all I did on July 3 was respond to inquiries from five different people.  And what was amazing was that they were all interested in different rabbits.  Two people were local and three were in California. 

Sarah wanted to come by almost immediately to meet her choice, Arven, a buck with a superior body but unfortunately, an unshowable color.  She's getting into spinning and dyeing.  And she wants to learn everything possible and be completely prepared to take him home.  We love that!  So we spent about an hour with her on Saturday.  

As we were going to be heading down to Turlock to visit Grandpa on Monday, we were able to offer to meet the Californians along the way.  Julie was our first stop in Elk Grove.  She needed another REW (one of Charlotte's rabbits, as Lydia didn't have any REWs in this litter) to enter in the state fair.  He lacked a bit in body, but he made up for it with fabulous density in his coat.  We are anxious to hear how he did at the fair.  Jordyn was our next buyer.  We met her in Lodi and delivered her new chestnut doe. 

Grace came to Grandpa's house the next day with her mom and four or five sisters (we love large families!) to pick up Velvet, a self-black doe that we all considered the pick of the litter.  With so many girls in the family, we know that Velvet will be very well spoiled.  All French angoras should be so lucky.  We really look forward to seeing Grace and Velvet at some of the shows. 

Genevieve couldn't see us before we left for Turlock, so we made tentative plans for meeting on Friday after we returned.  She chose Ella, another perfect bunny were it not for being an ermine, which is an unshowable color.  As I groomed her a bit before Genevieve's arrival, I kept wondering whether we were foolish to sell her.  She has really fabulous wool.  I thought about getting a certificate of development for ermines.  But I decided that might be more work than I am ready for at this time.  I raise girls to become young women.  My girls raise rabbits.  Raising quality girls takes a lot of time, so raising quality rabbits (for me) will have to wait for now. 

Anyway, we spent about an hour Friday afternoon with Genevieve, and then she took Ella home.

And I know a blog is supposed to have pictures.  I can't believe I forgot to take pictures every single time we sold a rabbit this week.  Better luck next time.

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