Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Why we chose to raise angora rabbits

By Charlotte

People ask why we raise angora rabbits.  Like, we’re nuts.  So this is how it all began (part 1).
I wanted another animal.  I have an extreme love for animals and love to care for them.  I have chickens, but it is kind of hard to cuddle them.  The dogs belong to Luke and Becky.  The cats belong to Lydia.  And the hamster, well, he’s in the ground in a shoe box on our hill under a pile of rocks so the coyotes won’t eat him.  So I really needed another animal.

Mom said all new pets/animals must be of practical value.  Dogs provide protection from scary people with pointy teeth.  Sure, they’re good friends, but they smell and have no business cuddling with me.  Cats catch mice and snakes (yes, ours caught at least two last year).  Chickens provide eggs, which I love, and manure.  No comment on the manure.  We tried meat chickens once, so I knew how that went.  Meat rabbits were out of the question. 

So I chose wool rabbits.  Double the cuteness and cuddliness factor of meat rabbits.  The process of how we settled on French angora is a whole other blog post.

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