Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
Sage's Kits, Nine Weeks Old

Friday, June 24, 2016

Truckee Meadows Rabbit Club Show at Shopper's Square, 18 June 2016

With the arrival of kits at 2AM the day of the show, Charlotte opted to remain home to make sure everything went well and that there weren't any complications.  And to take a nap.

So Lydia and I were on our own.  And there was no way Lydia was going to miss this show--she was picking up her long-awaited new buck from Julie.  Zorro will be the third black buck in the barn.  I guess we have a thing for black here.

The show itself took all day, even though there were four judges and really not very many rabbits at all.  But it didn't drag on like it normally seems to.  Being able to spend the whole day visiting with Julie was really nice.

You see, she is the kind of person who wants to learn and is happy to share what she has learned with others, so that they can learn and improve as well.  She spent at least half an hour demonstrating grooming techniques for maintaining the best coat possible, not only for being able to do well in showing, but also for the health of the rabbit.  I wish I had had a video camera.  Hopefully Lydia remembers better than I.  If not, I'll have to ask Julie to show us again.

Lydia's senior doe didn't fare so well on the show table, but we also knew she would not.  For one, she was plucked six weeks ago.  Secondly, she is a young senior and was competing with does who were older and had more flesh.  And thirdly, Charlotte and Lydia still have a lot to learn to be competitive in open shows.  But with Julie's help, they'll get there.

Zorro place second out of three junior bucks in both shows, and he was only faulted for being young.  Of course, that's nothing that time won't fix.  We expect both rabbits to do very well at the Placerville show next month.

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