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Black Diamond Kits
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Monday, May 9, 2016

We Are Spinners First

Like all spinners, we want the very best fiber.  However, opinions can vary on what exactly is best

For us, best is plucked, not shorn.  This is one reason why we chose French angoras.  We don't want a blunt end caused by scissors or clippers.  That blunt end felts more easily, and it can also be a little irritating in clothing.  We use angora in order to have the softest fiber possible; it seems silly to then clip or shear that fiber and introduce some itchiness into the garment.  In addition, we don't want fibers of varying lengths that will eventually shed from the clothing.

We are spinners first, meaning that good quality fiber is very important.  This includes keeping rabbits as healthy as possible.  Unhealthy rabbits do not produce good fiber.  Also important to us is raising and maintaining show quality breeding stock, so that buyer doesn't have to take our word that a given rabbit meets standards for the breed.  In judging French angoras, fiber is 55% of the score.  For a rabbit to become a grand champion, at least two judges on at least three occasions have to indicate that this is a very nice rabbit. 

The fact that we are spinners first also means that we will raise and sell rabbits that are unshowable for a variety of reasons, but especially if a rabbit is only the wrong color.  Some of the most beautiful rabbits we have seen have been DQ'd for being an unacceptable color.  These rabbits can't be registered, but they can still pass on their good genetics and their offspring can be registered. 

Because we are spinners first, a lower maintenance coat is very important to us.  The girls don't wish to spend 15-30 minutes grooming every day.  They don't show for the sake of showing.  They show to learn from other angora breeders and judges and to get judges' opinions of individual rabbits.

Some people will disagree with our approach and our opinions. 

And that's ok.  It's a free country.  

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