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Black Diamond Kits
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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Show Report, West Coast Classic April 9

Lydia told me the camera batteries were dead, but clearly I wasn't listening.  As a result, the only photos I have from the show were the few that Jennifer V. took for me.  She is always rescuing me.  And if you want to see more pictures of the show, you can go to her blog at

Charlotte and Lydia entered their two best junior rabbits in the angora specialties, the only ones they thought they'd have a chance of being competitive.  And with open breeders who have been showing for decades, they were probably right. 

But as their juniors were both less than four months old, they didn't plan on getting any legs with them.  However, Charlotte was beyond thrilled to have Spook placed third, above Betty Chu's junior buck in two of the angora specialties.  Can't get much better than that.  Nice bunnies and nice girls.

Lydia's junior doe also did pretty well--she didn't place last among the junior does, so she was happy, too.

One of the black bucks getting checked out by Judge Hannah

 The girls put all their rabbits on the table for the youth show on Saturday.  Charlotte had Phantom, Coal, and Spook--all self blacks, and Lydia had Fudge, a chocolate, and Heather, a blue.  There were two legs awarded, and both went to Black Diamond rabbits!!!  Black Diamond's Winchester got his third leg towards his grand champion certificate, and Black Diamond's Hot Cocoa got her first leg--at less than four months of age--beating out her littermates that were also on the table. 

Judge Kevin checking out Heather, Lydia's self-blue junior doe.
The girls are often chided for selling the "best" rabbits.  Well, honestly, they can't keep all of them. They want their buyers to do well at the shows also.  
Judge Kevin checking out Coal, Charlotte's self black senior buck and sire to Hot Cocoa.
So while the rabbits that Charlotte and Lydia are raising didn't win legs, rabbits that Charlotte has bred and raised did do well.  And I was going to suggest clicking over to Jennifer V.'s blog for pics of Win and Cocoa, but there aren't any photos of Winchester?  How is this possible?!?!  I clearly need to sit Jennifer down for a little more training.

(So says the person whose camera batteries are dead.)

In other news, Charlotte sold one of her "water-damaged" bucks who is now growing out a fine coat and should do really well for his new owner, Kelly W., in the shows in Southern California.  And Lydia sold Fudge.  Fortunately, she is staying local so we shall be able to see her on the show tables occasionally.  (I don't like it when my girls sell rabbits that have been here so long.  It pulls at my heartstrings.)

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