Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
Sage's Kits, Nine Weeks Old

Monday, April 25, 2016

Gridley Show Report, 23 April 2016

First, the Gridley show was a huge success.  It was a triple open, triple youth held on Saturday the 23rd.
Judge Tracy selected Phantom for BOB in Show B.
We were hoping Phantom would get her third leg, and that Coal would as well.  They are now Grand Champions!  In Show C, the leg went to Phantom and Coal's baby, Heather (Lydia decided to keep her).  Best Opposite of Breed in the various shows went to Spook, Coal, and Nicholas (Sage and Muddy Buddy's kit).

Judge Ray chose Heather for BOB in Show C.

Now for more about the owners of Nicholas.  Though I was unable to attend, Lydia told me all about how refreshingly normal they are.  Melody and Tierza are very nice people who actually do many of the same things we do, such as felting soap, felting adorable little animals, spinning and knitting.  They also homeschool.  I'm betting they do many more amazing things which we do not know about.

Melody used a blower for the first time on her bunny, Nicholas.

Melody and Lydia with their rabbits

Lydia, Melody, and Tierza inbetween shows
I am proud to say that all of my "core" bunnies--Sage, Phantom, Maybelline, Coal, Muddy Buddy, and Ninja--are now Grand Champions.  We bred the first four here; the last two came from Black Oak and Frulingskabine.