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Black Diamond Kits
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Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Really Unfortunate Event Ending a Series of Really Fortunate Events

Last week really was great.  On Wednesday we got a much more thorough diagnosis for Jared at the Mayo Clinic.  Not only does he have gastroparesis (stomach doesn't empty contents in a timely manner into the small intestine), but he also has duodenal ulcers.  He has medications and a strict diet (each condition has a strict diet associated with its treatment--Jared's got to deal with two strict diets, so he's a bit limited in what he can eat), but he has hopes that this won't be forever.  And he's pretty happy not to be hearing it's all in his head.  Fortunate Event #1.

On Thursday Charlotte and Lydia got the results of the statewide archery tournament.  Lydia got first place among all elementary school age girls in the state.  Charlotte took first place not only among middle school age girls, but also among all girls--including high school age--in the state.  In fact, she was second overall in the state.  So they were both beyond thrilled.  Fortunate Event #2.

On Friday, Charlotte was emailed by a nice young woman who wants to buy her two junior does.  Fortunate Event #3.

But then there was Friday night.  Really Unfortunate Event.

So after taking care of animals last night, Charlotte came in to talk to me, in tears.  All of her junior bucks, who were sharing one large (28"x60") cage, were inexplicably and horribly matted.  For the time Jared and I were in Arizona, things were a little hectic around here.  The girls spent a few days with some homeschooling friends because Charlotte had orthodontist appointments and it was easier to get her to them if she was in town.  And they had to contribute more to making meals and doing the things I normally do to keep the house running.  So they kept their rabbits fed and watered, but not much else.  Also during this time, the temperatures warmed so that the snow melted pretty well during the day, but of course, snow melting (and water leaking and dripping) would not be noticed during the sub-freezing temperatures in the morning and at night.  Unfortunately, all that leaking and dripping was going on right above the junior bucks' cage. 

We spent all day working on their coats.  Had this been spring or summer, we would have just shaved them.  But it's too cold to do that.  So we had to remove all the mats while preserving as much of their coat as possible so that they would be warm enough. 

It was not very fun.  But we're grateful that no bunny died and no one got sick.  And other than this, it really was a great week.

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