Black Diamond Kits

Black Diamond Kits
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Life Beyond the Blog

This post has nothing to do with bunnies.  It's merely to let those who follow our adventures here know what the heck happened to make me/us drop off the planet. 

All is well with the girls and their rabbits.  They continue to care for them without any hitches whatsoever.

However... life in my world has become a little stressed, and blogging about the rabbits had to take a back seat, and may continue to do so for a while.  Hopefully not too much longer.

Many of you know that my eldest son has been sick for some time.  He's been stumping doctors for a few years, and becoming steadily worse as the pain increases.  We got some lab results back last week.  It appears he is allergic/sensitive to wheat/gluten, milk, and eggs.  That has become something of a challenge for me as I try to prepare foods that he can eat.  And it has been devastating for him become he so loves milk and fresh bread.  Unfortunately, even as we have eliminated all forbidden foods from his diet, the pain continues to increase.  He spends his entire day in bed, because the pain diminishes a little if he is lying down.  He has another appointment on Monday, at which time we will discuss everything with his doctor again and then decide whether to try one more treatment option here, or try getting into the Mayo Clinic. 

Thank you for your patience with us.  I still try to check the email if any of you have questions about French angora rabbits.  If you have bought rabbits from us and have questions you would like to get answered quickly, it's probably best to give a call, as I often don't check the email until late at night.

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