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Black Diamond Kits
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Supporting My Rabbits

I like to knit.  It is fun and I feel like I am doing something productive even when I am just watching a movie.  Knitting can also be profitable.  For the 4-H rabbit show last week, I had knit four different patterns of little rabbits, and I sold at least one of each pattern.  I thought there was a nice profit for how much time it took to knit them. 

Here is a pattern for one of the bunnies. 


4 size 2 double pointed knitting needles
DK weight yarn
a little bit of stuffing
tapestry needle
black embroidery floss for eyes
pink embroidery floss for nose


The body is a square and very easy to knit.  Cast on 12 stitches.  Work in stockinette stitch until you have a square.  Bind off. 

The cast on row

One row knitted
The completed square knitted body


Cast seven stitches onto three needles.  Join and knit in the round.  Work four rows, then pull the yarn through the seven stitches to bind off. 

Working on the head


Cast on three stitches for the ears.  Work in stockinette stitch for four to six rows, depending on how long you want your ears.  Then on the next row, knit two together, knit one.  Turn and purl two together.  Pull yarn through the one stitch on the needle and tie off.  Weave end in.  Repeat for second ear.

Assembling the rabbit:

Each corner of the square that is the body is used to form a leg.  Pinch each corner together and sew up half an inch to form a leg.  Repeat for the other three corners/legs.  Stuff the belly of the bunny and sew closed.

Oops, these bunnies go together so quickly I forgot to take a picture.

Sew the head to the body.

Head sewn to body

Sew the ears to the head.  Use black floss to make two French knots for eyes, and use pink floss to make a nose.  You can make a V nose or a triangle nose.

Completed bunny
Don't worry if you think you have an ugly bunny.  My ugly bunnies always sell first.  It is so bizarre.

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