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Monday, November 10, 2014

4-H Rabbit Showmanship Competition

Showmanship is very useful for learning how to check for healthy stock.  It helps you learn what to look for.  It is really fun to do at shows, especially if your rabbit is being judged at the end.  French angora and other wool breeds are always at the end. 

Showmanship is  good way for youth to gain confidence in public speaking. 

There are five levels of showmanship.  Cloverbuds, or Pee Wee, are ages five through eight.  Novices are any age, nine through eighteen, for their first twelve months of competing in showmanship.  Juniors are nine through eleven years of age.  Intermediate are ages twelve through fourteen.  Seniors are fifteen and up. 

There was only one Cloverbud at our last 4-H show, this past Saturday.  My friend and I wished she had had some competition.  This little Cloverbud practiced twice a day for a month with her French angora junior buck. 

Cloverbud, checking the underside of her rabbit

First place cloverbud showmanship, out of one

I have two friends who were novices this year, and both did very well--much better than I did my first time.  The younger one got fifth place out of eight.  She lost points because her shirt had 3/4 length sleeves and didn't stay tucked in.  My first time I lost points because my bow came undone.  My other friend got second place.  She lost points for not being able to answer some questions.  But this was the first time for both of them, and they did really well.  Next time I expect they will get first and second places. 

No dirt or mites

No malclusion

No ear mites
Second place novice showmanship, out of seven competitors
My younger sister Lydia received first place in the junior level competition.  It was her first time competing in the junior class.  She was very nervous. 

Posing the rabbit
Getting ready to flip the rabbit

First place junior showmanship, out of five competitors

I also competed in showmanship, in the intermediate class.  Though I had already competed at this level twice before, this was my first time doing it California style.  California style is crazy.  But it was a good experience.  With California style, two or three or more youth present AT THE SAME TIME.  It was pretty nerve-wracking.  Probably the hardest thing for me was focusing on my presentation while hearing the others give theirs.  It was so awkward continuing my presentation while the others had already finished theirs.  Then I worried about the questions from the judge.  Because we had to know about the breeds that our competitors were using for their showmanship.  I was stressed because the others got so many more questions than I did.  At the end, I received first place.  I was so confused, because the judge didn't ask me very many questions. 

California style intermediate showmanship
Everybody goes at a different pace
First place intermediate showmanship, out of five competitors
Seniors just have to know everything there is to know about rabbits.

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  1. So great I took the time read the updates. Thanks to whoever took the pictures and posted them. Congratulations on your ribbons and the hard work it took to get them.